Podcast 08 Hand Position & Mouthpiece Only

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This is part of the series “Teaching Beginning Clarinet – Developing Good Habits from Day 1.” This episode covers the following aspects of teaching clarinet:

  • Starting hand position (left hand only)
  • The thumb, fingers 12&3, the pinky
  • Finger drills
  • Mouthpiece only (pitch between C-C# concert)
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    Hand Position & Mouthpiece Only (Outline Notes)
    Thumb positions:

    Thumb covers tone hole and pushes register key at the time
    Thumb opens register but doesn’t cover tone hole (notice it’s so close it looks like it’s covering)
    Tone hole only (thumb barely touches register key)
    Tone hole only (thumb barely touches register key)

    Hand position from the front:
    Clarinet hand position

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