Podcast 22 Clarinet Tonguing – Intermediate Clarinet

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This episode is part of the series “6 Weeks to a Better Clarinet Section” which focuses on 2nd year intermediate clarinet players. This episode includes information on the following aspects of teaching clarinet tonguing with intermediate students:

  • Tuner Visual Exercise 
  • Baby Registers Progression with Tonguing
  • Scale exercise for style
  • Thirds exercise for multiple objectives
    Tonguing – Intermediate Clarinet -Outline Notes (print this reminder sheet!)
    Thirds Article (pictures and clear descriptions/other objectives)
    Baby Register Studies – Tonguing Progression
clarinet tonguing
This is actually a final tonguing progression. The one I mentioned is to just have students play measures 1,3,5,7. Once they can do that, then we add measures 2,4,6,8. Having to breathe and re-tongue is the most challenging objective. I forgot to mention that in the podcast, so feel free to progress your students as they are ready.

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