Podcast 00 Introductory Episode


This episode of the Crossing The Break (the “teaching clarinet podcast”) covers the following:

My Favorite Song for My Clarinets in May

This version of “Let’s Go Band” for clarinet is my favorite thing to do with my clarinets at the end of the year!

Now, I know what you’re thinking.
Let’s Go Band?
Come on.

But I promise this version is a great TEACHING version! I made it a couple years ago in May – I loved it and the kids really loved it!

“Let’s Go Band” for clarinet

Here’s what it teaches/reviews:

  • Chromatic Fingerings – Woohoo! After drilling these chromatic fingerings all year, the kids get to use them in a super fun song. Here’s what it covers:
    • sk F#
    • outside left C#
    • Banana F#
    • Banana B natural
  • Range – The last line takes the kids up to a high C# & D above the staff. Most years I get to that on the chromatic, but if you haven’t yet, this is a way to introduce it. If only a couple of your kids are ready for it, you can have most of the kids play line #2 again while the ones that are ready can go for #5.

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4 Clarinet Hacks – Better Clarinets in 30 Seconds

Here are 4 clarinet hacks that can greatly increase your student’s comfort and chance of success.

#1 Mouthpiece Patches
I LOVE mouthpiece patches!  I don’t really care that they protect the mouthpiece (though this can be a nice bonus).  I love them because it dulls the sense of vibration on the upper teeth.  Many students do not anchor to their top teeth because they don’t want to feel the vibration.  Adding a mouthpiece patch can fix that problem, and in turn improve their tone significantly in a short time.

There is a specific kind I like – not a brand necessarily, but there are 2 options and I definitely have a favorite. You’ll see a very thin, hard one that is often clear and a thicker, softer one that is usually black.  Get the black ones!  I’ve played on the clear and don’t feel like they help with vibration much at all. This is all about the comfort of the student so they are willing to play with a correct embouchure and black provides more of a cushion.

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