Podcast 05 Up to Pitch (Part 1)

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This episode of the Crossing The Break podcast covers the following aspects of teaching clarinet:

  • Internal symptoms that can cause students to be flat on mouthpiece and barrel
  • Words to say and things to try to help them fix it

Free download of all outline notes for the entire 20 episodes (click here to ‘enroll’ in the free course which basically just allows you to download the full packet of Outline Notes. I hope to add more pictures/videos to this course at a later time, but for now it allows you to download all 20 episodes at once.)
Up to Pitch (Part 1)  (Outline Notes)
Up to Pitch (Part 2) (podcast)
Why Are My Clarinets Playing Flat? (article)
4 Clarinet Hacks (info about mouthpiece patches)

Blow air across reed
Air across reed
Fast, cold air (like blowing out birthday candles)
Fast, cold air (like blowing out birthday candles)
Mirror edit
Keep Mirror Up High



Anchoring visualization
Anchoring visualization
Wiggle Check
We were focused on the wiggle check here and the chin is not flat enough. But this is how I do wiggle checks.

Pictures of embouchure can be found with Episode 4 here.
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