Podcast 02 Before Opening the Case


This episode of the Crossing The Break podcast covers the following aspects of teaching clarinet:

  • Organization/Preparation of supplies
  • Productive use of time ideas
  • Chants/Counting
  • Milkshake face (clarinet embouchure)

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Before Opening the Case (Outline Notes)
Lines Spaces Chant (Instant PDF download)
Posture Chant (Instant PDF download)
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Reed guards numbered – I forgot to talk about this on the podcast, but we number reed guards to help them rotate. I strongly recommend they have a real reed guard – well worth the investment. But, if they don’t, you can number 4 plastic cases. I use a silver sharpie for the black reed guards.

Guard3 Guard2 Guard1

Milkshake Face – Since it’s the middle of the summer I didn’t have access to any of my students. This is a child (10 years old) that has NEVER played clarinet before. I explained milkshake and got these pictures in about 3 minutes.

clarinet embouchure
This was her first try. Great chin, but the corners were back and her neck was really tense. I had her do it again and told her to think about the straw.

milkshake face
This was her 2nd try – corners were forward. Chin is still pretty good. But lips are too poochie.  I demonstrated again and showed her the 1st picture and the 2nd picture and told her to split the difference.
milkshake faceThis was her third try. Pretty good! I’d be happy to have a class of these. Her neck is still tense, but I wasn’t really having her breathe in and out yet. Again, this was all in about 3 minutes.

Normal face (NOT clarinet face)- I also wanted to show you her normal face for comparison –

Normal chin - not clarinet face
Normal chin – not clarinet face
Normal chin - NOT clarinet face
Normal chin – NOT clarinet face