Podcast 04 The First Sound


This is part of the series “Teaching Beginning Clarinet – Developing Good Habits from Day 1.” This episode of the Crossing The Break podcast covers the following aspects of teaching clarinet:

  • How to be sure students are ready to make the first sound
  • 4 steps for correct clarinet embouchure
  • Words to say to the group
  • Ways to help individuals

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The First Sound (Outline Notes)
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Checking to see if they are ready – Steps with thumb

Clarinet Embouchure
Clarinet Embouchure
Clarinet Embouchure

4 steps with mouthpiece/barrel

Clarinet Embouchure
Clarinet Embouchure
Click (will need more mouthpiece later)
Clarinet Embouchure
Clarinet Embouchure
Blow (This angle is a little too far out)

Checking individuals (I hold barrel)

Teaching Clarinet
I help adjust the angle and anchor on top teeth.

One other comment – this child mentioned that it hurt her teeth “especially because they just grew in.” I normally start 6th graders, but for those of you that start in 4th or 5th grade, you may need to be a little more patient as students adjust. They still need to anchor, but I hadn’t really ever thought about teeth being extra sensitive as they are growing in.