Podcast 10 First Note Reading & Note Name Games

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This is part of the series “Teaching Beginning Clarinet – Developing Good Habits from Day 1.” This episode covers the following aspects of teaching clarinet:

  • Supplemental pages to start reading music
  • Note name games
  • Note name worksheet

Free download of all outline notes for the entire 20 episodes (click here to ‘enroll’ in the free course which basically just allows you to download the full packet of Outline Notes. I hope to add more pictures/videos to this course at a later time, but for now it allows you to download all 20 episodes at once.)
1st Reading & Note Names (Outline Notes)
Getting Started
More Lines to Play
Note Name Worksheet (C-B) (every line different objective)
MusicTheory.net (ideally kids do this one at home)
Link to Note Name Game 1 (2 line race) – I hope to post a video eventually
Link to Note Name Game 2 (colored staff – ideal for younger ages) – I hope to post this soon. Here’s a few pictures though – Call out “second line” or “G” and they put on a penny. Or have them spell “FACE.” etc.
Note Name games
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